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My Coaching Philosophy

Staying Balanced

If you tune your guitar too tightly, the strings break. If you tune your guitar too loosely, there is no sound. Somewhere in the middle yields bountiful and beautiful music.














I believe in holistic, balanced growth.

A balanced life is the happiest life. All the physical achievement in the world means little without meaningful relationships. Relationships can become stale if there is no mental and spiritual growth. Spiritual growth can be isolating without a grounded physical presence. Balance is of the essence.

Combine all four components together - the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual - in balanced sustainable growth and you become a happy, relaxed person. 

I help people cultivate good physical routines with exercise, nutrition, and sleep counseling, good emotional routines with gratitude exercises, art therapy, and fear-facing, good mental routines with reading, journaling, and accomplishing, and good spiritual routines with yoga, meditation, and philanthrophy.

I love engaging young folk for 3-12 months at a time to develop and instill lifelong habits and ways of being. As a coach, I give it to you straight, and teach and practice integrity. Do as I do, not as I say.


Chakra Healing is extremely powerful.

When Spirit and Energy Flow Through You, The Impossible is not only Possible, its routine.

I believe in energetic and spiritual alignment. 

An aligned life is a stable life. Poorly aligned chakras, overly active or sub-active chakras, and chakra issues create physical, mental, and emotional anomalities. Well aligned chakras remove suffering and add spiritual strength. When you discover what chakras are blocked, under or overactive, and need healing in yourself, and you take action to remedy them, you are astonished at how quickly your life improves.

When you learn how to pay attention to your subtle bodies, and you can notice, in yourself, what areas of your spiritual self are in or out of balance, relative to your baseline, you can become spiritually aware. 

Spiritual and self awareness are the key prize of my work. It is the process and the journey, the prize and the reward, and the ultimate source of spiritual and life fulfillment. 



I believe in cyclical growth and expansion. 

I help people with cycles big and small:  from cycles of birth and death, to idea expansion and contraction, to good old  fashioned sun up and sun down. I help people become aware of these cycles and align with them to bring love and fulfillment into their lives.

The Daily Cycle: Sun up and Sun Down. 

Many people have yet to master the daily cycle and its wisdom, rooted in the relationship between Earth and Sun.I help people of all ages get it down.

Physically, exercise and sleeping routines.

Emotionally, pencilling in gratitude exercises.

Mentally, prioritizing and tackling important decisions first. 

Spiritually, the parts of the day conducive to different activities. 

The Weekly Cycle: Rest and Activity

The Week is the powerhouse cycle of productivity. Anything and everything that can be done in the world of business can be executed in the well planned week. With proper prior planning, the week can be the most fun way to express boundaries, learn about focus, and experience a sense of achievement. 

The Monthly Cycle: Credit

Housing, Utilities, and Bills occur in monthly cycles. Mastery of the monthly cycle is mastery of your consumer finances, including housing, utilities, and various bills. Mastery of the Month is mastery of integrity: doing what you say you will do, and being trustworthy. 

The Quarterly Cycle: Skill Development

Seasons, Semesters, and Stocks all operate on the quarterly level. It is a broad, high level look at your life and the cycles within it. It operates with high level thinking and approaches questions of identity and life goals, and connects with nature through seasonal thinking and variation.

The Yearly Cycle: Mastery of Self

l call  the yearly cycle the mastery of self cycle. It is the cycle of resolutions, new initiatives, and change. It is the cycle of birth and death, the Earth around the Sun, and contains all cycles. It is all encompassing and cosmic in nature. 


Cycles of Birth and Death

When you are having a new baby, there is a tremendous rush and also a tremendous sense of transition. It is a time of rapid change and a time to gain perspective of what really matters in your life. Similarly, death is a time of great emotional upheaval. It can be overwhelming if you are inside of it. It also happens all the time. If you have the right perspective, you can both honor your emotions and simultaneously see the beauty of the process.