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Technology Trends of the Century

Sensitivity of Neural Networks

Quantified Self Movement

Internet of Things & Mind Body Connectedness

World Peace


3d Websites  & Holographic HCI

Rise of Conscious Memory

Self-Driving Cars

Longevity & Memetic Acceleration

Moore's Law

RAM & Memory

Battery Life

3D / 4D Printing



Space Colonization

Augmented Reality


Wearable Technology

Full Transparency

There are base, bare-bones trends that will continue. These you can bet your house on an rest in, and these will support the advent of technologies that will seamlessly embed themselves into our daily lives. These are the hardware trends that we must be thankful for, mindful of, and connected to.


Moore's Law

Moore’s law will find a way: i.e. things will continue to get smarter, faster, and smaller. Microchips will get smaller, faster, and more efficient. The industrial system will find ways of making things go from abstract to physical space faster. Electronics will continue to improve.  



Bandwidth, RAM, and memory will all improve, and more information will be able to be perceived, interpreted, and acted upon in real physical space. More frequencies can be perceived, better information signals can be sent and received, and memory from longer term in the past, present, and future can be used to communicate with spiritual instinct in the perpetual now. 



Think of Bandwidth as the flow of water in a flexible hose. Data can be packaged and stored to be transported rapidly. The amount of data that we can transmit in any given amount of time over any arbitrary distance will only increase, and internet speed will accelerate over every time period. The ability transmit large amounts of data quickly will increase. As things, such as subway systems, towers, cars, light poles, homes, and really anything, get smarter and smarter the ability to communicate information with one another at high rates of speed will increase. 



Random Access Memory will also increase as needed to store data temporarily on devices at ever-faster speeds. In other words, the ability to read and write information to computer systems will increase over time and we will be able to interact with computers at faster and faster speed. Not too hard to believe. 



Memory storage on computing devices will increase fast. The ability to store more and more data in smaller and smaller spaces is another way of saying hardware will exponentiate and ability to store data will improve. We’ll be able to not only store more images, videos, numbers, data, etc, but the ability to store more memory may incentivize the economics of data storage on everyday devices for the long term. 


The Rise of Conscious Memory

Other sources of memory, such as ancestral memories stored in DNA structures, trees, and other body structures we don’t “normally” think of as having intelligence will become “aware” and “awake,” conveying information to the “conscious mind” at ever increasing rates. This information will be unlocked, communicated, and shared effortlessly as we open up to the upcoming technological revolution.  



As we move forward in time, the rate of aging will decrease. As we launch a social movement and people change, not only will preventive fitness produce gross changes in the collective physiology and conscious body-mind release data to the collective to spontaneously heal itself, the connection to the universe will find untold ways of prolonging communication and altering time such that the perception of our lifespan will slow as more data is emerged, the subjective experience of life will slow, and the rich feeling of life will deepen, expand, and we’ll be freer longer. In addition, the integration of our technologies and medical systems will improve. 

Battery life

will find a way to leap up and keep up through evolutionary means. As automation improves, humans will not bemoan the lack of jobs available: instead, creativity, love, and discipline will empower individuals to cooperate and do uniquely human tasks of imagination and innovation. The most hearted model of the evolution of modern society within the context of the workplace can be found in Steven Covey’s “The Eighth Habit.” Essentially, there will be a distinction between human and machine. This distinction will be clear and present. There will be a moment when a human heart meets electricity, and the two become forever entwined. When the human spirit is pure enough, the atmosphere calm enough, and the love present enough, I will make the dive and enter into the world of pure spirit. 




Self Driving Cars 

In a very short time, all cars will be self-driving. The age of burning dead plants to move hunks of metal is over. The era of accessing and aligning ourselves with the brightly burning sun, large hunks of molecules burning with endless intensity, will begin and we will all be better for it. Gas stations and industries may disappear, but all the citizens will applaud: we are prioritizing Earth’s sustainable needs over our own short term self-interest of doing things that may not even be that compelling or important, but simply the automatic and learned response patterns of a civilization more effective at herding sheep than inspiring leaders. 

Its not only the biological aspect of cars that makes self-driving electric cars the future, but also the safety aspect. Computer image recognition can process images and interpret data much faster than the human brain can, and with much greater accuracy. The amount of data that we go through when we scan the roads in order to drive is astronomical: cars and computers can do this much more efficiently and effectively. The image processing and brainpower of computers are way smarter than our unenhanced selves. Safety wise, the ability to anticipate and solve parabolic equations in computers eclipses that of humans. Further, the ability of cars to synchronize to mental models and maps of existing roads, businesses, etc far eclipses even the most studied taxi driver. 

At the level of industry, the privacy, comfort, and safety will accelerate while customers effortlessly are brought to final destinations in style, convenience, and silence. 

However, be sure, good software is essential: and one hurt or angry programmer can ruin the code and cause bugs. That is why love and human dignity are the forces for the evolution of technology. Self driving cars will come about when we can, well, “let go”. Let go of that which divides us, let go of inequality, and embrace partnership. Embrace the fact that all humans matter, and make sure that everybody feels included in designing, buliding, and creating a bright and positive future.


Memetic Acceleration

Evolution has “delegated” much of its work to us humans through our minds. Rather htan evolve better eyes over thousands of years and iterations over the scale of lifetimes, evolution or God, in her infinite wisdom, created parts of our imagination that can observe and create glasses from the natural world. Our ability to imagine allows us to accelerate and direct evolution. This process is constantly occurring and constantly accelerating – even the rate of acceleration is accelerating at as many derivatives as we dar poke our heads with. As such, even the tools we marke are beginning to clearly evolve and accelerate. Software and hardware are, in and of themselves, now evolving. Everything is becoming faster, leaving the role of the human to relax, and take it slow, focusing on relating ot other humans and filling in the holes that exist in our evolutionary trajectory. Our brains evolved much faster than our hearts – certainly one is overweighted relative to the other in today’s workforce, and its our job to focus on our heartpower while the robots do the accelerated work: work I believe the robots will wholeheartedly enjoy. Families and Companies are one: the energy is the same. There is no distinction. 


Sensitivity of Neural Networks

Humans will explore outer and inner space in depth. We will be able to tune into our finest and subtlest desires, and have them amplified and acted upon without the slightest effort. Communication will be so subtle and effortless that it will be perpetually orgasmic. Love will permeate every cell and instant communication will make our current means of communication as ancient as literal snail mail. 

The mind is mankind’s first, and most primitive tool. Our individual mind. In early stages, it is used for self - survival mode. In later stages, it can be trained to cooperate and help a group survive. In todays’ day and age, it must be programmed for the survival of the entire species and set of all beings. Our minds can introspect and know every detail of our physiology. They can know the status of our organs, the rate of bone marrow production, the growth rate of that skin cell on our skin we’ve been neglecting, and rate at which our teeth are decaying: everything. And this information can be useful for the survival of the individual. This introspection is valuable: and as we want to know more and more about ourselves, we align with the Quantified self movement: implants tell us these informations about our blood cells, hearts, organs, and reproductive functions, wearables inform us of our core body temperature, sweat production, and relative movement, while augmented and virtual realities allow us to imagine better counterfactual futures and interact with present physical reality in the outside world. 

Further, we will explore one another’s bodies in depth. We will be excitingly be able to connect our hearts, share information about our DNA - RNA feedback loops, and be open and honest about the rates of growth of our various cells. We’ll be able to sync with one another’s reproductive cycles, synchronize with one another’s dreams, and share in the infinite bliss that accompanies creation. In one another’s bodies, we will find opportunities to share resources at a deep and intimate level: the level of fathers, mother’s, blood and organ donors, brothers, sisters, cousins, roommates, and families. 

Further, we will explore our natural environment. Not since we lived in the seas as sea creatures have we explored the depth of the oceans, the capacity of water pressure and its flow, and its ability to transmit electricity rapidly. Not since we have developed super thick skins and parachutes have we dared to explore volcanoes, jump out of airplanes, and off of buildings - first in movies, and then in reality. We will explore the atmosphere in space, explore stars, and feel the weight of Earth carry us, nurture us, and support us on our quest to explore and venutre into the unknown. The final frontier beckons, and we are ready. 

Some Tech Trends of the Previous and Coming 10 years


The Quantified Self Movement:

Complete data tracking of EVERYTHING that you do. Its Big Brother – the kind that you want! Everything you do is recorded, measured, scored. Everything about you is put into number form; you can use it to learn about yourself & exponentiate your progress along whatever metrics you index against. 

All of the individuals’ data will be stored everywhere and there will be a passive accumulation of personal data, a discerning ability to share this data to those who will be able to help, and the unlocking of desire to improve every aspect of life due to the sudden ability to do so effortlessly. Data about your phone usage, computer usage, friend interactions, daily activities, relative moods, sleep patterns, and infinite other parameters will enable all humans to glean high level trends through arbitrary abstraction and develop actionable insights empowering intelligent and deliberate action. The ability to track and measure every bit of data - even things as subtle as literal thought patterns measured through brainwave and heatwave activity - will empower subtle communication and exponential improvement in every measurable capacity. 


Internet of Things: 

Literally everything is already connected: there’s a trend towards making these Object oriented relationships explicit, cofified, organized, and conscious in the mental world. The physical connection already exists. The internet of things makes it such that, say, your sofa can detect when you are about to sit on it, feel the distrubtion of your weight, and adjust. It will know that it is you sitting in it, adjust accordingly, and send micro-data to your meta-world profile, and may make a host of microadjustment to optimize what its programmed for. The physical and mental world become synonymous. Words become things. Things are thoughts. A bag at a grocery store, a chair from Ikea, a water balloon –everything is smart.


The Interconnectedness of Mind-Body Phenomena

As everything becomes smarter- your body, your bed, your clothes, your car, your home, your country, your source of energy, etc - everything also becomes more interconnected. These devices and intelligent objects start communicating with one another and, well, ‘gossiping’ in a sense. People and computers will be sharing your data, and to the egoless person there will be no self to share. You are simply data in a sea of data. You are a part of the matrix. Insofar as you accept the mechanics of raw mathematical data, you are completely free. 

Find soul and meaning in being a mathematical equation. There is beauty and love in numbers. The vibrations and frequency of connection are only amplifying. As we wake up to the interconnectedness of life, we ourselves wake up to love, connection, and beauty. 


World Peace

Violence is no longer necessary. Endings are simply phase transitions. Differences are illusory, there is no separation. As the world becomes more connected, and love penetrates our collective psyche, there is no need for violence. The word itself fades away into the distant memory, as abundant forgiveness floods our collective nervous system, imbues our bodies with a sense of collective purpose and optimism, and collective self rule of the hive mind and hive heart allow energetic connections to permeate. 


Forces Forward 

Finer and finer grained awareness of inner space 


Cells Communicating to One Another

The Mind’s ability to introspect

Forces of Drag

The end of certain indsutries

Gutting Companies entirely

Consolidating resources 


Junk Food eating

The Disconnect between macro and micro decisions. 



Words, symbology, and meaning applied are all results of the hand-eye connection and semantic dexterity humans have evolved, in an evolutionary time scale, relatively recently. Words, thoughts, symbols, numbers, and maps convey only so much. They are limited by the hardware that created them: the hand-eye system of the human and the associated parts of the brain. These systems are closed, and can generally be interpreted through the codes communicated to other species members who are privy to the same type of communication. In other words, put simply, we will evolve faster means of communication than the written word. As we already know, pictures and videos communicate much faster than words. Countless civilizations, races, and species have lived full lives without words and symbology. Gestures and kindness are universal: and insofar as symbologies are used to express and communicate with these intent, they will stay. 


For instance, consider the above image. It conveys a very clear message. In words, it can be “Run! There’s a buffalo coming”. There are clearly more efficient means of communicating this: when there is a tribe and teamwork, and a known prioritization of the species and clan safety, a quick knowing glance can replace any word communication, especially if the utterance of sound can create a danger. “Telepathy” has been around for millenia: it simply silent communication of the nervous system to itself. We can telepath with animals, beings, plants, and anything: its simply nerve endings communicating with nerve endings at a distance. Quantum computing and neural networks are based on this phenomena, and cell phones are an example of it. 

Critically, there will be a cognitive shift where “telepathy” becomes a commonly accepted term in common parlance, and a recognized and legitimate means of communication. This will occur as the limitations of the Visual cortex and the 5 physical senses become clear and “extrasensory perception” becomes the norm. Bodies communicate soul and spirit, and are vehicles to the communication of entities far beyond us. The parts of our bodies and brains that vibrate at certain frequencies can vibrate alongside with and match sympathetic parts of other beings. 

Consider our brain structure: 


The Reptilian and limbic brain communicate to one another instinctively, and don’t know words. When there is a threat, the emotional flooding of the limbic brain is clear. When we hear beautiful moving music, it moves our limbic brain. When we see a tiger and are moved to act, we engage our limbic brain. The reptilian brain is instinctive and action driven: when there is a snake or bear, our high energy reptilian brain kicks in. If its connected to our neocortex, we may take the time and energy to use thought. The major point is, the different parts of the brain can work together, and vibrate at different frequencies, and beings with similar structures can pick up on the resonance frequencies that each brain emits. Telepathy simply refers to the effortless communication of thoughts in the Neocortex: when we can all agree that, for instance, “anybody who has a neocortex should not kill anybody else with a neocortex” and this becomes a basic and accepted fact, we can rest in it, incorporate that belief system with the “lower brains” and then continue our evolutionary trajectory.

In the addiction cycle, its also worth noting that it is often the engagement of the neocortex and frontal lobes that can curb behaviors from the “lower brains”. In the freedom to choose, this brain is activated and change can be made. 


3D Websites & Holographic HCI

Websites are next in line to be revolutionized!. With the advent of glasses, contacts, and wearable technological devices for the eyes, Holographic 3D interfaces are next!

The ability to have a wearable device that projects light a certain distance away from your body and allows either for rapid eye movements to signal intent or use basic gesture recognition to interact with light pixels that signal information to the cloud is exciting, and soon a reality. You can use it to interface with any intelligent data. Your watch will be able to project data into the space in front of you where you can click on information you want to send, data you want to capture, or thoughts you want to interface with. 

The raw perception of possibilites is a fun space. Here, 3D, 4D, 5D, 10,000+D, and infinite spatial dimensions can be perceived. In the 8D multiverse, a set of all 5D possiblities exist. The expansion of possibilities is an ability of a relaxed neocortex and a prefrontal cortex unburdened by worry or burdensome responsibility. I’ll expand on this in a future book, as well as a product. The future is certainly a time when we will not be burdened by having to carry devices on our bodies from place to place. External or wearable devices render data gathering passive, intuitive, and automatic. 3 dimensional computer interfaces are not too far off: in fact, laptops could feature 3D websites in the very near future. 

3D / 4D printing

The effortless manifestation of 3D Printed objects, while it feels like magic today, is no more magical than a cell phone or airplane to a monkey of a few thousand years ago. The spirit within moves through us. The ability to think of an idea on a computer, whip up a quick prototype, and then print out a workable demo for everyone on the planet is soon becoming a reality. 4D Printing is simply anticipating the needs of a 3D printer itself. 



Investing in tiny nanobots that can sense the rate of blood growth in muscles seems to attract less funding when  simply running could improve cardiovascular performance and improve circulatory function. However, I urge you, this technology is paramount in ensuring our long term success as a persons and as a species. Nanotechnology is about the smallest particles we can connect with, and will be critical in curing diseases, continuing technological trends, and also expanding the decision space of small organisms. 



Implants can be exciting. Implants can help us gain information about what is happening inside of our bodies in real time, and allow all of our inner organs to be heard. It allows all of our being to resonate, communicate wholly, and be connected. 

Risk is inherent in implants. The end of litigious society, acceptance of social responsibility, and general widespread optimism and faith in technology are necessary before people will accept widespread non-medical improvements in self. When self-improvement becomes the norm, and everybody has basic needs met, these iterative self-improvement mechanisms can become normal operating procedure. Critically, there must be the end of dystopian movies and the end of violent video games, as well as real violence are pre-requisites to the expansion of these powerful technologies. The power of suggestion is subtle, and any violent training lends itself to normalizing violent behaviors. Implants, as well as any real nanotechnological, AI or AGI devices will not exist until public opinion, public heart, and public sentiment do. Until everybody meets Maslow’s hierarchy, these are on pause. When we all do, the future is glorious, and I’ll be able to expand on it widely. 

The New Frontiers of Reality: Augmented, Virtual, Real, and the HyperReals


Augmented Reality


The future is absolutely amazing. The future is effortlessly transcendent and beautiful.In the next 10 years, we will feel and be stunned as miracles happen. People will find purpose, fulfillment, and joy. Augmented, Virtual, Real, and Hyperreal technologies are all making this happen. This is where you can have a watch that has a holographic User interface and can manage your time, energy, and identity for you. Where your interactions and identities are all distributed by devices that you dont even need to be aware of. The matrix is real: AR, VR, RR, and HR are our ways of tapping into this and controlling it.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality allows for the creation of entire new worlds in an entirely abstract setting. Entire new worlds can be devised, created, and explored. The future is magnificent. Being able to create spaces for whatever purpose is the primary application of Virtual reality. Lands of infinite exploration, fantasy, and adventure await the avid Virtual Reality User



With a fully alert and awakened nervous system, one can be “awake” in a true sense. Make sure this is done in the proper setting. Being truly “awakened” while others are asleep will create isolation, confusion, and a sense of separateness. Doing so together allows for a fully awakened nervous system to flow with its massively parallel counterparts in the collective subconscious. The brain, when fully awakened, looks lit up. Neural pathways are alert, information is communicated rapidly, and there is neural coherence. In an optimal state, with instincts fully aroused, pathways fully lit up, and a social environment where laws are simply code programmed into the collective hive mind, evolution will revolutionize. 

It is only the inability to manage and guide instincts has led man to create laws, rules, agreements, and other guidelines that force us into behavior patterns and “minding” our behavior. Truly, however, in a land of full liberation, mind uploading, telepathy, and instant communication, behavior patterns are spontaneous, grounded, and in line with universal teaching. Liberation, itself, is the new moral code. 


Wearable Technology

Wearable tech is an especially exciting frontier. We are all already naked, and the upcoming social revolution will revolutionize how we consider our bodies in relative space. Our bodies are the source of good decisions, and wearable tech - especially when well done - will empower the body to interact with both local and far-reaching phenomenon while respecting the integrity of the physical space it encapsulates. The fine line between adding features and keeping minimalism will be interesting in designing wearable tech. The quantified self movement will likely drive much of the design decisions. Bottom line, is wearable tech will make clothes and technology seamless and fun.


Privacy and Public

And so ends the illusion of privacy and public. The only distinction between “private” and “public” information is illusory and time bound. All truth comes out. All truth is communicated in the ether: information is inherently free. Attempts to block or control information blow only create blockages in the flow of a river; eventually an outlet is forced. Being behind closed doors and being in open doors are ultimately the same; behavior patterns of acceptability in certain spaces 


There are tons more trends that will continue, and its an exciting future for all of us. Point is, there’s a huge technological tidal wave coming. The question is, what do we do with all of it? And, so, what do we do first?