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Fatherhood is a humbling miracle. To complete the circle of life is to fold into the egoless reality of complete unity. It's being the drop of water returning to the ocean and the fulfillment of the most basic desire of mankind: to evolve. 

A father leads and takes responsibility for himself, his family, and his community. To bring new life creates joy and love, and contextualizes suffering and divisiveness as illusory in the grand ocean.

We have all been born to parents, and what we share in this unity is stronger than any division.


Kevin Jain is an ardent supporter of the Construction of the Statue of Responsibility. With tremendous unparalled freedoms in our modern age, comes equal responsibility. When we have the power to do anything, we must do what is right.


8 Billion People, 1 Family

Kevin Jain believes in the power of global cooperation and collective action. He is an optimist and has undying faith in humanity's ability to come together, rise above our differences, and bring peace to the planet. 

He advocates building a giant scoreboard for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to synchronize the financial, technological, political, and social infrastructure to align and achieve global goals.


Kevin Jain believes in the loving power of a global family and community. Our species is more connected then ever before, and the time to be a single global family that transcends racial, geographic, economic, political, and social differences to unite in love, peace, and harmony has come.

There will soon be 8 billion people on the planet. The time has come to take care of our own, let love flow freely, and unite as one.