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"All of life is a single breath."


 Understanding this simple zen truth frees us to live in peace, without ego, and in happiness.  Yoga is the practice of connecting breath and body, and meditation is the practice of connecting breath with mind, soul, and spirit. Through practice, it is possible to leave the trappings of the mundane and step into the world of the liberated. 

How will you find stillness?

Stillness is the ultimate satisfaction. To be perfectly content with what is, totally serene in the present moment, and completely at peace with reality is to be spiritually awake.


Kevin Jain is a highly skilled meditator and sought-after expert in areas of mind-body interaction. He effortlessly traverses the intersections between science and spirituality, east and west, and experience and mechanism.

Vipassana Dhamma Meditation

In 2013, Kevin Jain learned Vipasssana as taught by S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin. He attended his first 10 day silent course in Illinois, USA and fell in love. Experiencing bliss, calmness, and freedom like never before, he enrolled in attending and serving several more courses over the next few years. He visited the original Dhamma Giri in Igatpuri, India where he meditated. He is an avid advocate of the benefits of Vipassana and the stillness found through insight meditation.

Zazen Meditation

In 2014, Kevin Jain learned Zazen Meditation in a rural Japanese ashram and took to it. Impressed with the strict mental and physical discipline, Kevin dove right in, shaving his head ritualistically, practicing perfect posture, discovering koans, and chanting. He continued his practice at the San Francisco Zen Center and the Cambridge Zen Center. 

Transcendental Meditation

In 2014, Kevin Jain learned Transcendental Meditation in his Newport Beach area home in the teaching of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Stunned by its simplicity and accessibility, he attended advanced retreats and enrolled in the Maharishi University of Management Graduate School. Here, he mastered the subtle beauty of TM, connected with like-hearted folk, and discovered the Maharishi Effect.


While attending Harvard University, Kevin was accepted into the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course at the Herbert Benson Institute for Mind-Body Medicine. Hosted at the Massachussets General Hospital, the course described scientific and distinctly secularized, western ways of inducing the relaxation response, which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to counteract the fight or flight response. Here, he picked up a host of tools to increase awareness in normal life.

Sudarshan Kriya

While learning Aryuveda in Hyderabad, India, Kevin attended the Happiness Program as part of the Art of Living. The practice involves a modified pranayama and forceful breathing techniques that produce immediate and clear benefits in mind and body.

Other Meditations

Over the years, he has also enjoyed teaching and practicing Laughing Meditation, Walking Meditation, and Couples Meditation. He enjoys Aryuveda, Bikram Yoga, and Fasting. He teaches customized meditation, tailored to his audience.